“The Predators” begins today! This Gravedigger crime caper is brand-new, and has never seen publication online or in print before today.

This story has literally taken years to pull together. Rick & I started working on it shortly after “The Scavengers” was released as a print comic in late 2004, and we’ve been plugging away at it, in fits and starts, ever since. Many things have happened between then and now, including some major health issues on my part (I’m much better these days, thanks!). Heck, perfectionist Rick has actually completely redrawn the story several times! (Mind you, it was his choice…)

Anyway, now, at long last, those of you who have been waiting for so long have had your patience rewarded. I truly hope that you find that “The Predators” was worth the wait. We’re pretty damned proud of this one, and think you’ll enjoy it, too.

– Chris