First, my apologies for not having a new page again this week. It’s all on me – Rick is well ahead. I know it’s frustrating for you to have the momentum interrupted at this (obviously climactic) point in the story, and I want to assure you that it’s doubly frustrating for us.

I’ve been struggling with a couple of different computer issues that, unfortunately, currently only affect this project (mostly because everything on my other webcomics is essentially completed for now). I’m not going to detail these problems here because: a.) I think I’ve got a handle on ’em now, and b.) their existence at all only reflects my own computer incompetence.

That said, I believe I’m very close to resolving them, and barring further disasters, Gravedigger will return on Monday, September 30th.

I appreciate your patience, and hope you’ll “dig” the rest of “The Predators.”

– Chris