Since the first issue of the Gravedigger miniseries from Action Lab: Danger Zone hit the shelves a month ago, a number of comics news sites and bloggers have reviewed the first issue. For those that might be interested, here’s a quick round-up of some of those articles:

“The noir vibe and pulp-fiction attitude of the comic has everything you could hope for in a crime tale; violence, wit, action, sex, mystery.”
– Kayla Whiney,

“It feels like real gangsters and underworld types talking without any cheap dimestore dialogue.”
– Jarrett Cruse, Word Of The Nerd

“…a sharp, mean spirited neo-noir tale that pulses with energy and life.”
– Rod Barnett, Bloody Pit Of Rod

“Gravedigger is a Top Notch Hard-Boiled Noir!”
– What’cha Reading

“Highly, highly recommended.”
– Alan David Doane, Trouble With Comics

“There’s no doubt in my mind that this comic is quality entertainment that deserves recognition. 9/10 Stars!”
– Harrison Rawdin, SnapPOW

“This book is definitely not for the faint hearted.”
– Johnny Hughes, Comic Crusaders

“…it all comes together to create an atmosphere as if you were in a 60s crime movie. The narration and dialogue by Mills are definitely throwback to that era.”
– “pharoahmiles,” Graphic Policy

“The visuals, mannerisms, EVERYTHING is dead on.”
– Fellowship Of The Geeks

“…a page turning read.
– Reading With A Flight Ring

Gravedigger #1 presents the classic noir, murder mystery with smart writing and great art. 9/10″
– Seraph’s Sanctions

Gravedigger #1 is a fun first issue that’s not your typical superhero fare with a character intent on constantly getting in trouble.”
– Omnicomic